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Warehouse Shelf Stable And Problem Prevention
Qingdao Longwin Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 30, 2015

1, storage shelf stability problems.
Steel structure design of the stability issue has been the warehouse shelves the shelves one of the key issues, is the first consideration when purchasing all shelf problem. Shelf system is widely highlighted the importance and urgency of stability. Due to warehouse racking system design of steel structures, construction and use, there are many uncertainties, so introduction of reliability analysis is necessary.
2, select the appropriate warehouse features storage shelves.
Select the shelf make sure you choose the right warehouse feature, so before buying, be sure to own or call professionals to plan, tailored for you, warehouse this way will greatly increase the utilization, will make the future problems that may occur with the possibility of to a minimum.
3, technology issues.
Storage shelves after forming the black should go through removing oil, rust, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing and many other areas. Powder's quality is also excellent points of difference. Each shelf company has standard colors, spray the standard color at low cost. If using special colors and increases the duration for powder, waste powder, so the cost will be relatively high. Organizing shelf group, form a reasonable shelf industry pattern. From developed of development situation see, transport through competition, and merger and strong joint, while formed minority large, and special large group enterprise, to concentrated power, used modern science and technology and modern management means, provides quality service, meet social needs, against risk, led industry development new trend; on the, filter out � large operation flexible of small enterprise, shiyibuque, meet social the level of needs, while increased social employment opportunities. This adjustment and eventually developed transportation formed a small number of large, oversized transport enterprises and stable structure of the coexistence of a large number of small private enterprises. The past ten or twenty years, developed industry � A significant characteristic, is the small number of large and very large enterprises rapidly as stubborn, formed the mainstream of modernization of transport and international transport markets in developed countries the dominant force, they are also important support shelf-rapid development of service industry in developed countries. Through market mechanism in China, with capital ties, expedite the formation of a number of modern enterprise to face our rack service requirements, form a new framework of shelf companies in China. Storage shelves to buy is a question that consumers are most concerned about. Warehouse rack's main function is to store goods, like other commodities, lots of time, pay attention to the appearance of the storage shelves required. Then the storage shelves in the purchase of should pay attention to what issues?

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