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Mold Rack Features And Layout
Qingdao Longwin Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 30, 2015

Mold rack items important for hosting all kinds of molds, and generally can be divided into standard-type rack and heavy duty die rack.Mobile hoist can be configured at the top a small lane to facilitate lifting the mold.
Mold rack features:
1, light and reliable installation of additional insurance;
2, dominate the refined dismissed bearing combination sliding balance and self-hanging die installation
3, austerity, air accumulated product of 1.8 meters, hosting dozens of small and medium molds;
4, rough layout, by the combination of parts, easy to assemble, transport and Assembly;
5, bearing 800-1000KG drawer mold rack per cell per layer;
6, economy of space, each cell can be placed more than one set of molds, mold maintenance management and probes;
7, mould Board hosts relaxed after pumping, upper and lower stop distance free free, together with pulleys and manually hoist can be easier and faster to achieve access matters;
8, holders reject to remove layout, hearty combination fittings full, upper and lower stop distance, disassembly scouring;
9, are free to save the Almighty Joker to a single control can also be freely connected, installed facilities;
Maximum weight of 800kgs/1800kgs 10, each layer; the layout of superstition, unfair, assembled as required forming robust and reliable, high gently.
Public profile rolling shelves-processing-washing-pickling-phosphorization-spray-assembled, such as the entire consumer
lines in appearance), there is an amateur construction installation and efficient after sales service team.
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