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Shelf one Rack Corridor
Qingdao Longwin Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2015

Rack Corridor has become through shelves, into the shelves. To store large quantities of similar goods designed tray. Tray one by one according to the depth direction stored in the support rail, increasing the storage density, improved space utilization. This shelf is usually used in the case of expensive storage space, such as cold storage and so on. Corridor Rack has four basic components parts: frame, rail support, tray rails and oblique rod and the like. Such high shelf warehouse utilization, enabling FIFO, or last out. Suitable for storing large quantities, less variety of goods, bulk operations. The smallest available space to provide maximum storage capacity. Which for large quantities, less variety of cargo storage operations. Forklift directly into the cargo access road within the cargo, the job is extremely convenient. Machinery and equipment needs: anti-balance forklift truck or stacker shelf features. The store is suitable for low inventory flow; can provide 20% -30% of the optional; low warehouse for the pick-up rate. Ground utilization: 60% higher.

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