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Category shelves and Features
Qingdao Longwin Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2015

Shelf can be divided into the following eight kinds:

1. The light shelves, from features easy plug, easy installation and removal, and versatile. Steel plate can be adjusted to meet a variety of requirements.

2. Medium shelves into medium-sized hanging plate rack, medium beam hanging shelves, heavy-duty shelves.

3. heavy shelves, and there is every piece or deposited in a separate tray can move without moving the other tray. Facilities most simple, low cost and can be installed and removed, rapid loading and unloading goods.

4. Drive-in shelves, features: relatively low investment cost for lateral dimension fight, much less variety and quantity of goods, or first in, first out after depositing, carrying into the interior of the vehicle can select items.

5. attic shelves Features: to improve warehouse space utilization.

6. cantilevered shelves, Features: For Xichang goods, storage and sorting items reinforced pillar structure, easy to install, complete accessories.

7. fluent shelves, features: automatic goods fell by gravity, can achieve FIFO operation, low cost, high storage density.

8. drawer shelves, features: saving space, the structure is simple, lightweight, safe and reliable.

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