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Attic platform v
Qingdao Longwin Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 01, 2015

Attic platform commonly used as a support column, the lower pallet trucks can walk freely or truck, column spacing 3 ~ 6m, platform bearing 300 ~ 1000kg / m2.

Column, the main beam, deputy beam material optimized cross section, high load carrying capacity. Platform assembly structure, random combinations, installation, convenient and flexible disassembly. Suitable for small quantity and variety of goods storage. Make full use of warehouse space, using a lift or forklift picking way up and down the door and manual jobs.

Overall planning, computing platforms strength and rigidity according to customer requirements, set security fence around it.

Attic-shelf system is built on the existing workplace or an intermediate attic shelves to increase storage space, do two, three loft, should access some light bulbs and small pieces of cargo, adapted varieties in large quantities or many varieties of small quantities of goods, artificial access to goods, goods usually consists of forklifts, hydraulic lifts or freight elevator to the second floor, the third floor, and then sent to a location by a car or light hydraulic pallet trucks. Such systems usually use medium or heavy shelf shelves shelf shelves and floor panels as the main support (based on the total load of the shelf unit to determine the selection of the shelf), floor panels usually used cold-rolled steel slabs, steel floor pattern or steel grid floor.

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